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Akroyd Consulting Limited team members have worked with several large Multinational Corporations at a country level to help plan and implement an integrated IT Strategy to meet with both Business and IT requirements, or to fit a limited short term budget. You will remain in control throughout the process (unless of course you would just like us to plan your strategy for you).

Every Organisation is different, so whilst we are up to date on the latest technologies, we also recognise that you need a solution to fit your needs, and can help you to plan your IT investment and organisation accordingly - one size does not fit all!

We have team members that have experience of managing an organisation through an outsourcing, and transfering services back in-house , so can help you to plan your IT strategy to fit either scenario.

Whatever your requirements, our strategic planning services will always start with a comprehensive review of your existing IT Organisation, Infrastructure and Applications, because we cannot help you get to where you want to be unless we know where you are starting from. Ideally, we would then meet with your business management team to understand the requirements of any IT solution moving forward, before helping you to plan to meet your needs within your IT budget.

It is also important to not underestimate the amount of training your organisation will require for any strategic change - both in terms of the IT organisation to be able to deploy or make better use of existing technologies, and your business teams to effectively use the systems put in place. We can incorporate training requirements into our strategic plan for inclusion in both your IT and business budgeting processes. In our experience supplying the latest technology and training to your IT department has more of a motivational impact than salary incentives.